Christian Mabomba

Christian Mabomba resides in the capital of the Ogooué-Lolo province, Koulamoutou. He is a sculptor of a variety of traditional items – masks, stools, brooms, canes – as well as a maker of tam-tams and other musical instruments. He makes miniatures and true-sizes for tourists and locals.

“First and foremost, I believe in promoting our culture. Children today have a tendency to forget the wisdom of their grandparents in favor of what they learn from television.” Christian is initiated in Mwiri, Bwiti, and Mbudi traditions of the Puvi ethnic group. He started his professional career as a prospector for foresters. This experience reinforced the notion of the value of the Gabonese forest.

“The forest here in Gabon gives us everything we need to live. I am lucky to have learned as much as I have from my tradition. That is my base. My sculpture is inspired by the Puvi tradition, but I feel free to add decorations to make my products more artistic. It is true that our tradition comes from our ancestors, and there are the essentials that will not change. But each generation has its particularities.”