Valérie Moussavou

 Valérie Moussavou was born in 1987 in Yeno village of the Ngounié province. She aspires to become a nurse. In order to help pay for her schooling, Valérie knits various accessories out of yarn. But it’s her unique style that brought her to Gabon Boutique: she recycles aluminum can tops and bottle caps.


“In 2008, I attended a workshop during my summer vacation with a Brazilian who visited us at our church, St. Marie. She showed us how to knit with implementing different materials. I took to it right away, and have continued ever since.” Valérie makes purses, headbands, napkins, tablecloths, and even dolls.


“I get orders all the time, and receive lots of encouragement from those who see what I do. Gabon Boutique gives me another place to show my products, through exhibits and the shop. In Gabon, finding steady work isn’t easy. This is a way for me to earn extra money. ”