All ethnic groups in Gabon use masks for spiritual expression and communication. Masks are the incarnation of spirits residing in the invisible world. Only men use masks for ceremonial dances and many, though not all masks are reserved exclusively for the eyes of male initiates. Masks appear during ceremonies for diverse circumstances such as birth (especially of twins), death (especially of initiates), circumcision, initiation, and research of sorcerers or other sources of village problems or illness.

Many of Gabon Boutique’s artists are initiated and understand the profound meanings conveyed by the image of the masks they make. Gabon Boutique sells two sorts of masks: original masks used in ceremonial dances; and contemporary and interpretive masks designed as decorative elements. In both cases, Gabon Boutique products are original. For further information about masks, ceremonies, and initiations, please contact Gabon Boutique.

Masques traditionnels

Masques décoratifs